Fibre-Optic System for Rotational Events&Phenomena Monitoring

It’s mobile, based on Sagnac interferometer, fibre-optic system for monitoring (via Internet or GSM) rotational events and phenomena (in detection bandpass 0.01 -100 Hz). The device will be optimized for measurement of the rotational rate with resolution in range of < 10 nrad/s for 1Hz detection bandpass. The above mentioned sensitivity as well as bandpass fulfil expected rotational events and phenomena connected with irregular object movements existing during strong winds, tectonic moves and earthquakes. In this way, the development system is dedicated to monitoring the rotational vibration exiting in such objects as wind power plants, high irregular buildings, bridges, and troubled grounds.

The project has been developing since 2002, first in Military University of Technology with partnership with m-Soft Sp. z o. o. Since 2021, Elproma Electronics is developing the 6th generation of the FOSREM sensors under project POIR.01.01.01-00-1553/20-00 “FOSREM – from Sky across Ground up to Underground “.