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OCTOBER field experiment 6/7-10-2023

Thanks to the help of ISB Sp. z o. o. we were able to participate in field tests using artificial seismic events triggered by explosions. From October 6 to 7, 2023, we tested new FOS6 sensors in Szopowo, Poland (near the border with Ukraine). For testing, we used explosive charges of 5kg TNT equivalent. The purpose of the tests is to check the possibility of detecting and recognizing artificial seismic events such as explosions.

A total of 11 different rotational fibre optic sensors were used in the tests, including 2 x FOS6 (3D-6C), 3xFOS5 (1D-1C), 3xMSMS1 (3D-6C) and 3xMSMS2 (3D-3C). The sensors were placed at a distance of 150 to 1000 m from ground zero.

The tests included three explosions:

  • A – 5 kg, 3 m below the ground surface with surface discharge
  • B – 5 kg, 4.5 m below the ground surface without surface discharge,
  • C – 2 x 5kg, 4.5 m below the ground surface with a distance of 5 m between loads

2023-10-06 18:00 UTC

The test installation includes a Power & Communication Unit and two FOS6 sensors.

FOS6 PCU – connected to sensors and Internet
Michal Dudek PhD on work.
Two FOS6 connected and protected against water.

2023-10-07 13:00 UTC

Test control center
Explosion place (before)
Explosion #A

2023-10-07 16:30 UTC

The explosions were done. The sensors measured a value of up to approximately 100E-6 rad/√(s) over a distance of 1 km. All data obtained from the sensors have been recorded and will be analyzed.

We dig out the sensors after the tests
Our FOS6 sensors after underground tests lasting 24 hours (calibration and explosions)

Testing team:

  • Anna Kurzych PhD, Michał Dudek PhD, Jerzy Kowalski PhD, Paweł Zinówko, Karol Konarski (ELPROMA)
  • Rafał Kiełbik PhD, Piotr Zając PhD, Grzegorz Jabłoński PhD (Lodz University of Technology)