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FOSREM at 6th IWGoRS Meeting in Paris, France, 21-23 November, 2022

The 6th IWGoRS Workshop was held at the Institut de Physique du Globe (IPG) in Paris. The workshop re-focused on every aspect of gradient-related ground motion, including rotation and deformation recording, instrumentation, earthquake sources, custom rheology, inverse problems, surveying, seismic engineering, long-term seismology, planetary seismology, derivative rotation and strain, correlation studies noise, ring laser technology, Earth rotation, seismic decoupling, fundamental physics, and more.

Anna Kurzych Ph.D., from FOSREM team showed presentation: “Recording of the rotational events in Poland – Time horizon & Fascinating Future of Fiber-Optic Seismograph

Members of the 6th IWGoRS Workshop

Anna Kurzych Ph.D. and Jerzy K. Kowalski Ph.D. show the sensor and its applications.


The International Timing and Sync Forum, the world’s largest event on timing and synchronisation, kicked off on Nov 7th in Düsseldorf. For years, industry leaders have been coming together at the conference to showcase their companies’ latest synchronisation solutions. 

All visitors are welcome to visit the Elproma Electronics booth, where Tomasz Widomski will answer all questions related to the revolutionary project and modern time servers

Elproma’s stand with FOS5 – Fiber Optics Seismology Sensor (in the middle)
Tomasz Widomski @ ITSF 2022


FOSREM – the next generation Multipurpose Earth & Space Photonic Sensor with Big Data output for FOG (gyroscopes) and seismograph dedicated for ROTATIONAL SEISMOLOGY

ELPROMA is presenting FOSREM at Japan CAETEC 2022

FOSREM at IAC 2022 Paris

During September 18-22, 2022, Paris, France, will host the world’s most important event in the space sector – the International Astronautical Congress (IAC). On this occasion, the Polish Space Agency (POLSA) will organize an exhibition booth promoting the Polish space sector. The POLSA booth will additionally provide a gathering point for representatives of the Polish space sector at IAC, so that participants may conveniently meet with Polish aerospace companies in one location.

POLSA stand – FOSREM in the middle (blue box)
FOSREM an IAC 2022 Paris

6th IWGoRS Meeting in Paris, France, 21-23 November 2022

We will be there! We will show our new FOS6 solutions and the system of ultra-precise synchronisation of seismological measurements. January 2022, we started a new project, FOS6, the 3-dimensional precise FOG-based seismometers. We got €1.5 mln funding from the National Centre for Research and Development. Our team is now part of Elproma Elektronika. We implemented this project together with the Lodz University of Technology.

4th IWGoRS Meeting in Tutzing, Germany, 20-23 June, 2016

The 4th IWGoRS workshop were held at the Evangelische Akademie Tutzing (near Munich, Germany), June 20-23, 2016. The workshop was focus on any aspect of rotational ground motion including the recording of rotations, instrumentation, earthquake sources, non-standard rheologies, inverse problems, geodesy, earthquake engineering, long-period seismology, array-derived rotation, noise-correlation studies, ring laser technology, Earth’s rotation, problems of fundamental physics and others.

Our team  has prepared one oral presentation and two-day demonstration of mobile Fosrem System in action.  The presentation given by Prof. Leszek R. Jaroszewicz is avaiable here. Also Fosrem System data sheet is avaiable for download.

New portable, multipoint measuring system for Earthquake physics, Volcanology, Geophysical exploration, Civil engineering

Our team announces that new mobile FOG sensor FOS2/3 is ready for operation. We have done several tests, simulating different types of earthquakes and standard waves.

It’s a mobile, fiber-optic system, based on Sagnac interferometer for monitoring rotational events and phenomena. The sensor device is optimized for measurement of the rotational rate with sensitivity equal to 2*10E-8 rad/s/Hz in pass band from DC to 327,68 Hz. The above mentioned sensitivity as well as rotation rate dynamic range up to 10 rad/s covers weak as well as strong rotational motions connected with irregular object movements, occurring during strong winds, tectonic moves and earthquakes. In this way, the developed system is dedicated to monitoring the rotational vibration in such objects as wind power plants, tall irregular buildings, bridges, and unstable grounds as well as rotational events connected with earthquakes.

 The data sheet is avaiable here.