Silver Medal of the Fair at International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva for FOSREM

FOSREM system awarded the Silver Medal of the Fair at International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva!
It is with great joy and pride that we want to share the great news. We are extremely honored that Elproma Electronics received prestigious awards and distinctions for the FOSREM device during this year’s #GenevaInventions!
Thanks to the use of advanced fiber optic technology, FOSREM provides valuable diagnostic data in real time, enabling quick response to potential threats and minimizing the risk of failure.
This award is not only a great honor for us, but also a confirmation of our commitment to continuous innovation and excellence in technology. We would like to thank our extraordinary team led by prof. Leszek Jaroszewicz for their hard work, passion and commitment that enabled us to achieve this great success!
We would also like to thank the organizers of International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva for this year’s event, during which we could present our unique solution in more detail. This is a great motivation for us to continue developing and providing the highest quality solutions for our clients.
We are excited and optimistic about the future of FOSREM and we are looking forward to the next challenges and opportunities this innovative project brings us.